TIG Distributing brings a vast supply management experience to our OEM customers. Our business is built on our people and our systems. Our people form a
strong bond with our suppliers (500+ and growing) and our systems support integrating those suppliers with our customers.
Diverse Product Category Experience
From specialty chemicals to high-value engine parts; from toolboxes to toys and collectibles, we have the experience to manage any type of product need.
Master Distributor Price Base
With over 650,000 items at our fingertips and a diverse supply chain, we can bring high volume buying power to ensure
your competitive layered pricing model.
Critical Product Line Management
Critical products pose various challenges that often leave our customers with a limited number of solutions. How do I
decrease lead-times with a variable demand forecast? How do I manage inventory efficiently with a low EAU when my
current supplier has a high volume production requirement? We are well resourced to provide the right answers to
these types of questions and more.
Compliance, Regulatory, and Quality
With our pedigree in the chemical world, we have a solid foundation in understanding and managing various
compliance, regulatory and quality requirements for our customers. We assist and provide global regulatory, labeling
and quality process support while meeting various customer- and supplier-driven quality standards. This includes
experience with Prop 65, VOC, SDS authoring/translations, GHS, WHMIS, Six Sigma Receiving, Government Mil
Standards, OSHA, G223, ISO 9001 and more.
Built In Daily Resilience
Variable sell-throughs, seasonal demands and market driven runs can all wreak havoc on keeping customers
satisfied. We specialize in managing these types of circumstances to ensure daily resilience to you and your
customer demands.
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