TIG Distributing's Research and Development Department is driven by the voice of our customers. From new product development to a complete compliance
review, we are able to support our customers' goals of producing high quality products efficiently and effectively.
On-Staff Chemists and Engineers
Our on-staff chemists and engineers provide a unique combination of technical and sales skill sets to enhance all
aspects of a product or process. Balanced skill sets, combined with top notch development, compliance, data, and
voice of the customer aptitude, ensure we produce effective and quality solutions
Customer Focused
We develop products to meet our customer's needs - not our own. If there is a product offering or new market gap to
be explored, we are committed to creating marketable solutions that enhance our customers' brand and ensure their
customers' loyalty
Cradle to Grave New Product Development
We have built our R&D process as a complete Add-Value. Leave it to us to take your need and develop it through concept, design, proto-type , testing,
manufacturing, and commercialization while maintaining a profitable layered pricing model. Bottom-line: we take concepts and bring them to life!
Market & Competition Research
Are you losing business to aftermarket competitors? Are you aware of gaps in your product offering, but aren't sure
where to dedicate your resources? Our team of experts can identify those trends and erosion points, and bring broad
market intelligence to assist your decision process - from launching new products to setting competitive pricing.
Time & Financial Investment
We are willing to invest the financial and staffing resources to see your concept become a reality. We can take full
ownership or come alongside your existing staff and resources to prioritize small, medium, and large projects. At the
same time, we will keep you proactive with your customers and market, without fearing staff or budget limitations
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