Custom manufacturing
From chemical formulations to hard goods, we offer a
diverse in-house and international manufacturing base.
From small runs to high volume production, our
customers gain more than just a niche partner.
TIG Distributing provides turn-key manufacturing, packaging, assembly, and kitting solutions. We
leverage in-house and Tier 2 capabilities to help overcome obstacles you are facing with your product
development. We ensure everything from quality, reliability, and technical inputs to meet your
demands for low MOQ private label solutions, specialty configurations, and complex customer-driven
finished goods.
Technical Assembly and Kitting
Our assembly and kitting services provide customizable
work cells based on small or large volumes with low- to
high-value parts and components. Each project is
tailored to our customer needs with complete support in
inventory and warehouse sequencing and management.
Global Manufacturing Experience
With a long history of inventing new products and bringing
them to market, our family of companies has traveled the
world to identify least-cost solutions for producing high
quality goods
Quality Control and Compliance
TIG understands that exceptional quality control
is critical in today’s competitive market. To that
end, we develop and implement economical and
effective quality plans tailored to the needs of
your project or market. We invite our customers
to inspect, audit and review our operations at
any time to ensure quality standards meet or
exceed industry standards.
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