TIG Distributing lives to ensure you and your customers are never out of stock and are confident in your replenishment inventory. Our customer-focused
systems give us the flexibility to tailor our space, cash flow, inventory levels, and fulfillment focus to meet your expectations, rather than having you meet
Inventory Ownership
We offer the ability to maintain a large volume of part numbers, or a large volume of one part, on our books and
off of yours. Our flexible purchasing and cash flow allows for risk reduction and frees up your resources for
additional business priorities.
Segmented Inventory Focus
Our systems are able to segment and protect your forecasted demands against other delivery partners or other
customers within your network.
Custom-Designed Management
We can adapt our systems to talk to yours through a variety of methods, providing the visibility and data your
customers expect.
Data Assessment
Our analysts can provide high level inventory and sales analysis, allowing us to efficiently manage turns, keep
costs low, and pass the savings on to you.
Creating Dealer Confidence
Your customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our add values. When your customers are confident in their
supply chain, they are able to capitalize on pricing and programs, thereby driving loyalty and future growth
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